Do I Really Want a 24-Inch Waist Again???


My granddaughter, Niya, is 14 years old, was a gymnast for 6 years, is careful about what she eats and has a 23.5-inch waist.  My friends and I are always telling her about how we remember when we had that cute little waist line.  I even told her about how we used to have Waist Line Parties where the cost of admission was your waist measurements in pennies!  This was a quick and silly way to raise a little money if you could find adults to chaperone, monitor the slow-dancing and keep the lights on!!!

My friend Peggy used to say, “The last time I had a size 6 shoe I was 6 years old!”  Of course, she was exaggerating, but at one time or another we have all coveted some other persons foot, waist, dress, pants or bra size.  It’s nice to have a goal, a picture or even a role model for Lifestyle changes.  But, while I love dreaming and planning with God (God-sized dreams) it is so important that we don’t trap ourselves in dreams that put us in the box of “comparing ourselves among ourselves” as the Apostle Paul would say.  

When planning for how you will upscale your life and health with Keto, please focus on your health and well-being and the rest will simply follow.