Oatmeal Cookies or NOT?


Ketogenic Fat bombs are the ‘lifesavers’ for the Keto way of eating.  The key to this eating style is that we use fats as fuel and not glucose.  The most wonderful benefit of using fat is that it satisfies our appetites. Fat bombs are high in fat and low in carbs. Sometimes you just need a snack or small treat to hold you over, before or after a work-out.  I have even used them for a quick breakfast or simply to shake off any false feelings of ‘deprivationnnnnnn’!  Fat bombs are small but potent appetite suppressants.  

I experiment with making these more than any other types of recipes.  Mostly because I just like them!  I made these called Oatmeal Cookie Bomb Bites a few nights ago.   I promise you there is NO oatmeal in these things but you will get the taste and vision of wonderful, soft Oatmeal Cookies in your mouth! These are also buttery and salty.  The recipe said to set in fridge one hour to harden.  I thought that must be wrong, but sure enough, I was munching on one in the next hour.   It took me all of 10 minutes to make these.  The guys who posted this recipe have wonderful recipes and they are fun to watch.  


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